A small drop makes a big impact...

Digital businesses grow based on small, significant drops that will result in a compound effect over time.

Is it possible to have a digital business that grows quickly? Yes, as long as you have an offer for a market that is actively looking for it, or you have the budget to invest in attracting new potential customers.

But in general, for continued and solid growth, it's important to think about continuity actions, which can attract potential customers without the need for investment.

BIZZ FRAMEWORK arose from the need to present a clear methodology, a step-by-step approach, which enables digital businesses to grow in a sustained way and which responds to the short-, medium- and long-term business vision.

And if the entrepreneur herself needs support, she can also feel supported in this process, but in a concerted way.

These are the pillars of the BIZZ Methodology:

Mindset is where we address the self-imposed beliefs and limitations that many businesswomen and entrepreneurs place on themselves.

It's in the mind that boycotting happens, procrastination, the need for perfectionism.

It is also in the mind that lies the key and the driving force to move forward: the Mission, the Vision, the Values. The motives that give you the strength to move forward and the reasons to keep going despite adversity.

Analysis is where we look at market trends, best practices, debate ideas and select the actions that will contribute to the best results in the timeframe that is established. This is where we establish the objectives and metrics that will serve as guidelines and enable us to gauge whether we are on the right track or need to readjust the route.

Planning is where we create an action plan, first macro and strategic and then micro and tactical, to achieve the established objectives. The time span of this plan may be short, but it must contribute in some way to the achievement of the project's objective (it will be more steps taken towards the final destination).

Execution is where we carry out all the actions determined in Planning and where we distribute tasks among ourselves. The entrepreneur is the specialist who understands her business in depth and sharing her knowledge and vision will enable all communication, marketing and sales to be tailored to the clients she wants to serve, which is the part I'm responsible for developing digitally.

Finally, Evaluation, which will be carried out regularly and continuously in order to measure progress, but also to create the opportunity to readjust some actions throughout the project.

For the duration of the process, these steps will form part of a continuous and integrated process, which will feed back and refine itself more and more towards the desired result.

Who is the BIZZ Framework methodology for?

  • Women with a digital business vision who prefer to go their own way;
  • Women who know what they want but need help to execute what needs to be done;
  • Women who have a digital business idea but don't know where to start or what to do;
  • Women who feel blocked in their business and know they could go further, but are continually boycotting their own dreams.

Who isn't the BIZZ Framework methodology for?

  • Women who don't want to dedicate time and energy to developing their business;
  • Women who don't want to commit to an action plan;
  • Women who are going digital just because someone told them to, but have no interest because they prefer physical businesses;
  • Women who don't believe in teamwork;
  • Women who are not receptive to other points of view or another vision.

So if I'm a man I can't use the BIZZ Framework methodology?

Yes, you can, because although BIZZ Framework's communication is mainly aimed at women entrepreneurs, the methodology is universal and transversal to the most diverse types and models of online business.

Who will accompany you in this process

Hi. I'm Ana Machado

Digital Business Expert

I studied journalism but it was in commercial aviation that I made my career: 26 years of learning, mainly in the commercial, sales and marketing areas.

It was in e-commerce that I found my passion.

I was "Head of e-commerce" at TAP PORTUGAL and, for 16 years, I worked with online sales worldwide (53 markets/countries).

I specialized in web development and managing sales and programming teams, as well as project management and evaluation.

I am a certified RTT® Therapist, a method applied in hypnotherapy to work on self-imposed beliefs and limitations and unblock them quickly.

I am currently a Digital Business Consultant, Kiai Digital Master, and I help businesswomen and entrepreneurs to create or leverage their Digital Business and turn their Passion into a Profitable Online Business.

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Bizz Framework is a Registered Trademark of Be One Mind Unipessoal Lda - All rights reserved - 2024

Bizz Framework is a Registered Trademark of Be One Mind Unipessoal Lda - All rights reserved - 2024