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So that you can accelerate your business, I've created for you this sequence of digital pages (the so-called funnels) which, in just one day and with a few minor adjustments, can already put your company on the radar and bring you the first results.

But what's a funnel?

There are different types of funnels for different types of objectives:

The sequences of pages that make up a funnel aim to get the person to take an action; whether it's giving their name and email in exchange for a free ebook, making a sale of a product or service, or booking an online session.

They can be used for recruitment, to qualify those who are interested or even as an entry point for personalized follow-up (by phone, for example).

Click the option that best suits you:


In the beginning, you need to attract new potential customers so that you can show them your products or services, but you may also want to attract customers for something new that you are developing.

At this stage, it's most common to use a LEADS FUNNEL to bring in more qualified people (i.e. with the potential to become buyers) so that they can make initial contact with your offer.

And what are LEADS? They are people who have seen something you are offering (such as an ebook) and have signed up to receive it, giving you their personal information and permission to send them marketing communication.

These funnels are ideal for:

New businesses

Subscription programs

Promoting services


Sales funnels ready to be adapted

The first page of these funnels features a "star" product or service, i.e. the item or service that is most likely to sell.

The name, email and/or telephone number is captured so that you can follow up and make the sale immediately, through integration with payment platforms.

Your customers also have the chance to add more products/services to their cart so you can convert more in a single sale.

These funnels are ideal for:

Content creators



ACCELERATOR 3 - Appointments Booking funnel

Appointment Booking funnels ready to adapt

The first page of these funnels presents a service and captures the potential client's name, telephone number and email address for an online appointment or personalized contact.

When they submit this data, they are directed to an online booking system, or alternatively, to a thank you page (where they are then contacted by phone or email).

These funnels are ideal for:





Beauty & Wellness Estheticians



If you have another idea, another activity, or your funnel needs more steps, we need to talk about this in more detail.

I need to understand your objectives, all the steps the funnel will need to take.

Who will accompany you in this process

Hi. I'm Ana Machado

Digital Business Expert

I studied journalism but it was in commercial aviation that I made my career: 26 years of learning, mainly in the commercial, sales and marketing areas.

It was in e-commerce that I found my passion.

I was "Head of e-commerce" at TAP PORTUGAL and, for 16 years, I worked with online sales worldwide (53 markets/countries).

I specialized in web development and managing sales and programming teams, as well as project management and evaluation.

I am a certified RTT® Therapist, a method applied in hypnotherapy to work on self-imposed beliefs and limitations and unblock them quickly.

I am currently a Digital Business Consultant, Kiai Digital Master, and I help businesswomen and entrepreneurs to create or leverage their Digital Business and turn their Passion into a Profitable Online Business.

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Bizz Framework is a Registered Trademark of Be One Mind Unipessoal Lda - All rights reserved - 2024